FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of Health
of the Russian Federation

The list of forums for 2015 in which FSBI NMRRC (The Federal State Budgetary Institution National Medical Research Radiological Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation took the active part 

  1. All-Russian medical forum of young scientists, March 30, 2015, Moscow region.
  2. II All-Russian forum "Sleep — 2015", March 19-20, 2015, Moscow.
  3. Forum "Radiology 2015"
  4. VIII Forum of Interregional social movement "Movement against Cancer", on February 4, 2015, Moscow.
  5. International forum of dermatovenerologists and cosmetologists, March 18-20, 2015, Moscow.
  6. The Russian oncology scientific and practical forum with the international participation "The white nights 2015", June 8-10, 2015, St. Petersburg.
  7. All-Russian forum "Efficient Hospital", June 4, 2015, Moscow.
  8. XV Anniversary All-Russian forum "ZDRAVNITSA-2015", May 26-28, 2015, Moscow.
  9. V All-Russian forum "Health or Tobacco", May 29, 2015, Moscow.
  10. "Multidisciplinary forum RSOM (Russian Society of Oncomammologists) on diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer in North Caucasian and the Southern Federal District. V Event of RSOM", April 10, 2015, Piatigorsk.
  11. I International scientific and practical forum "Current trends of metastatic prostate cancer treatment". July 10, 2015, Kazan.
  12. International Forum: DTC Disease and Treatment Review Forum. September 17-18, 2015. Barcelona. Spain.
  13. The All-Russian international seminar "The reproductive capacity of Russia: versions and controversies". Sochi. 2015
  14. Eurasian women forum of the CIS and SFFS of the Russian Federation, September 24-25, 2015, St. Petersburg.
  15. Forum "Mother and Child", September 22-25, 2015, Moscow.
  16. V Forum of Koch-Metschnikow, September 1-5, 2015, Krasnoyarsk.
  17. The IV Eurasian forum on melanoma and skin tumors, the XX Eurasian seminar on oncopathology "Melanoma and skin tumors" and the associated events, September 11-13, 2015, Suzdal.
  18. Educational and methodical seminar "State and medical community. Topical issues of drug circulation under strict record of keeping and storage: legislation, practice, monitoring. Features of rendering the anesthetizing aid" with participation by Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation (FSKN of Russia), representatives of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Supervision in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor), August 26, 2015, Moscow.
  19. The VI Forum on prophylaxis of noninfectious diseases and formation of a healthy lifestyle "For healthy life" within the Russian week of health care. December 7-8, 2015, Moscow.
  20. European Endoscopy Bronchology Forum. Budapest, Hungary, 12-14 June 2015.
  21. VI Eurasian radiological forum "Achievements and development prospects of modern radiology", October 15-16, 2015, Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana.
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