FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of Health
of the Russian Federation
Applied research in the field of health care
  1. Studies of biological peculiarities of multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MMSC) of the adipose tissue (AT) of the patients with malignant tumors of reproductive organs (MTRO). Studies of peculiarities of the bone metabolism under various oncourological diseases.
  2. Development of the latest and efficient methods of screening of malignant tumors of reproductive organs. Organ-preserving treatment of invasive cervical cancer at stages 1a2 – 1b1. Conservative treatment of uterine corpus cancer of young patients. Studies of morpho-functional conditions of vitrified ovary tissue of the oncology patients by the means of in vitro and in vivo systems and assessment of the ovarian reserve in order to preserve the reproductive function. Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of malfunctions of the male reproductive function.
  3. Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with congenital and acquired diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. Development of the low-invasive diagnosis methods, treatment and rehabilitation of the malfunctioning lower urinary tract (LUT) of children and adults. Studies of pathogenesis and peculiarities of the congenital immune response of mucous membranes of the bladder of the patients with the recurring infection of the LUT.
  5. Preclinical and clinical studies of possibilities of selective control of tumor radioactive sensitivity and protection of normal tissues from lesions.
  6. Development of the new high-tech methods and approaches to diagnosis and therapy of malignant tumors within the experimental framework.
  7. Optimization of the cytological and histological diagnosis of pretumor and tumor diseases with various localizations by means of up-to-date high-tech methods of studies.
  8. Studies of pathogenesis of kidney stone disease (KSD).
  9. Development of the new technologies of nuclear medicine and optimization of the beam therapy of oncology diseases.
  10. Studies of radiation-related risks of oncology morbidity and mortality under the impact of ionizing radiation.
  11. Studies of efficiency of male reproductive health applications as a tool of prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.