Federal State Budgetary Institution
National Medical Research Radiological Center
of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Registration certificates

P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology-Research Center (MORC, the affiliate of FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, holds the lead in development of scientific medical technologies, approved by the Russian Medical Surveillance Agency for use in the clinical practice.

The list of permits for the use of new medical technologies:

2011 г.

  1. «“Cytological study in the field of lymphomas»FS No.2011/024 dated 11/03/2011.
  2. «Fluorescent diagnosis of skin cancer with the help of the medication Alasens»FS No. 2011/090 dated 12/05/2011.
  3. «Method of preoperative staging of the tumor growth process among the patients with localized and locally distributed prostate cancerы»FS No.2011/091 dated 12/05/2011.
  4. «Contact-free modeling of revascular bone autotransplantate in reconstructive-plastic surgeries of the maxillofacial zone»FS № 2011/101 dated 12/05/2011.
  5. «Nerve-preserving surgeries in rectal cancer cases»FS № 2011/129 dated 20/05/2011.
  6. «Organ-preserving treatment of patients with kidney cancer of I-II stages»FS № 2011/209 dated 28/07/2011.
  7. «Method of formation of bladder-uretral anastomosis in orthotopical bladder surgery»FS № 2011/259 dated 01/09/2011.
  8. «Complex prophylactics of complications of high-risk oncology surgeries combined with physical methods of antitumor action»FS № 2011/262 dated 01/09/2011.
  9. «Complex treatment of patients with rectal cancer»FS № 2011/263 dated 01/09/2011.
  10. «Extended pelvic lymphadenectomy among the patients with prostate cancer»FS No. 2011/294 dated 26/09/2011.
  11. «Treatment of malignant tongue tumors with the use of the selective embolization of an intratissual radio-frequency thermoablation»FS No. 2011/303 dated 26/09/2011.
  12. «Prophylaxis of complications after the combined treatment of patients with malignant head and neck tumors»FS No. 2011/305 dated 26/09/2011.
  13. «A fluorescent endoscopic research in rectum and sigmoid colon proctosigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy»FS No. 2011/328 dated 19/10/2011.
  14. «Invasive diagnostics of a diffuse form of breast cancer»FS No. 2011/329 dated 19/10/2011.
  15. «Method of a layer by layer axilloplastics in cases of a radical mastectomy»FS No. 2011/366 dated 18/11/2011.
  16. «Method of intraoperative prophylaxis of lymphorrhea in cases of a radical mastectomy with the use of microsurgical technique»FS No. 2011/383 dated 22/11/2011.

2010 г.

  1. «Anesthesiological protection of a patient during extensive cancer operations»FS No. 2010/017 dated 27/01/2010.
  2. «Complex treatment of esophageal cancer»FS No. 2010/027 dated 24/02/2010
  3. «Surgical treatment of patients with stage I or II stomach cancer»FS No. 2010/179 dated 18/05/2010.
  4. «Ultrasonic diagnostics and treatment of lymphocele after the onco-gynecological and the onco-urological operations with a pelvic lymphadenectomy»FS No. 2010/194 dated 31/05/2010.
  5. «Immunocytochemiscal diagnostics of thyroid gland papillary cancer»FS No. 2010/274 dated 16/07/2010.
  6. «Method of a primary plastic surgery for mammary gland defect in cancer»FS No. 2010/375 dated 13/10/2010.
  7. «Thoraxscopic and the video assisted operations in cases of metastasis in lungs»FS No. 2010/384 dated 26/10/2010.

2009 г.

  1. «Cytologic diagnostics of cancer with the use of a coherent phase microscopy» FS No. 2009/002 dated 19/01/2009.
  2. «Methodology of a morphological research of rectum cancer» FS No. 2009/017 dated 11/02/2009.
  3. «Bronchoplastic operations with the use of polybronchial anastomoses in cases of lung malignant tumors» FS No. 2009/030 dated 25/02/2009.
  4. «Organ-preserving operations in cases of lung carcinoid tumor» FS No. 2009/044 dated 18/03/2009.
  5. «Methods of temporary electrocardiostimulation for decreasing operational and anesthesiology risk among oncology patients with serious cardiovascular diseases» FS 2009/059 dated 31/03/2009.
  6. «Complex ultrasonic examination and a magnetic and resonance tomography in endometrial cancer diagnostics»FS No. 2009/065 dated 07/04/2009
  7. «Radical abdominal trachelectomy»FS No. 2009/070 dated 09/04/2009.
  8. «Method of the functional sparing treatment of patients with invasive uterus neck cancer»FS No. 2009/078 dated 15/04/2009.
  9. «Use of three-dimensional echography for diagnostics, treatment planning and assessment of effectiveness of conservative antineoplastic therapy» FS No. 2009/093 dated 28/04/2009.
  10. «Radical mastectomy at a breast cancer» FS No. 2009/115 dated 27/05/2009.
  11. «Fluorescent diagnostics of the surface bladder cancer with the use of medication Alasens» FS No. 2009/116 dated 27/05/2009.
  12. «Cytologic research of an exsudate and serous cavity with application of an immunocytochemistry method» FS 2009/123 dated 01/06/2009.
  13. «Craniaorbitalfascial resections in cases of advanced malignant tumors of nose, paranasal sinuses and upper jaw» FS No. 2009/138 dated 09/06/2009.
  14. «Beam-chemical therapy of patients with locally-spread uterus neck cancer»FS No. 2009/144 dated 10/06/2009.
  15. «Laparoscopic adrenalectomy in oncology» FS No. 2009/145 dated 11/06/2009.
  16. «The combined treatment of rectum cancer patients with the use of beam therapy» FS No. 2009/148 dated 11/06/2009.
  17. «The transcutaneous radio-frequency thermoablation in kidney cancer cases» FS No. 2009/149 dated 15/06/2009.
  18. «Laparoscopic nephrectomy in oncology» FS No. 2009/150 dated 15/06/2009.
  19. «Thermoradiotherapy of prostate cancer» FS No. 2009/152 dated 15/06/2009.
  20. «Functional and safe laryngopharynx cancer operations»FS No. 2009/154 dated 15/06/2009.
  21. «Radio-frequency thermoablation of bones tumorous damages» FS No. 2009/162 dated 30/06/2009.
  22. «Decompressive laminectomy with ttranspedicular fixing in cases of tumorous damage of a backbone» FS No. 2009/164 dated 30/06/2009
  23. «Method of photodynamic therapy of initial cancer of hollow organs» FS No. 2009/169 dated 01/07/2009.
  24. «Sectional resection with endoprosthesis replacement among patients with tumorous damage of extremities bones» FS No. 2009/178 dated 02/07/2009.
  25. «Method of quality assessment of tenastin in malignant epithelial neoplasms» FS No. 2009/182 dated 02/07/2009.
  26. «Low-intensive laser care in rehabilitation of oncology patients» FS No. 2009/200 dated 23/07/2009.
  27. «Surgical treatment of patients with stage IV stomach cancer» FS No. 2009/205 dated 23/07/2009.
  28. «Method of voice function restitution after a cancer laryngectomy» FS No. 2009/213 dated 24/07/2009.
  29. «Application of an air and plasma stream in radical mastectomy for prevention of postoperative complications»FS No. 2009/240 dated 29/07/2009.
  30. «Surgical treatment of locally-spread throat cancer and laryngopharynx with formation of a retrosternal tracheostome» FS No. 2009/245 dated 29/07/2009.
  31. «Intratissual radio-frequency thermoablation of malignant tumors of tongue and mouth floor with the use of the Metatom-2 complex»FS No. 2009/258 dated 12/08/2009.
  32. «The combined treatment of patients with bones and soft tissue sarcomas of the maxillofacial zone» FS No. 2009/276 dated 14/08/2009.
  33. «The computer analysis of texture of nucleus images in determination of a differentiation of a ductal breast cancer»FS No. 2009/282 dated 17/08/2009.
  34. «Implantation of the intravascular port system» FS No. 2009/283 dated 17/08/2009.
  35. «Method of the quantitative assessment of tumorous fabric vascularization»FS No. 2009/306 dated 04/09/2009.
  36. «Surgical treatment of patients with initial endometrial cancer at reproductive age» FS No. 2009/353 dated 21/10/2009.
  37. «Surgical treatment of primary and recurrent non-organ retroperitoneal tumors»FS No. 2009/353 dated 21/10/2009.
  38. «Combined treatment of patients with cancer of a middle intestine with the use of an adjuvant chemotherapy» FS No. 2009/376 dated 02/11/2009.

2008 г.

  1. «Surgical treatment of patients with malignant trachea tumors» FS No. 2008/022 AA Series "0001306 dated 08.02.2008.
  2. «Intensive medicinal therapy of postoperative complications of oncology patients»FS No. 2008/031 AA Series No. 0001313 dated 21/02/2008.
  3. «Cytoreductive surgery in colorectal cancer with remote metastasis» FS No. 2008/085 AA Series No. 0001487 dated 28/05/2008.
  4. «Cytomorphometric dysplasia diagnostics of benign tumors and dishormonal and hyperplastic processes in mammary gland» FS No. 2008/086 AA Series No. 0001485 dated 28/05/2008.
  5. «Preoperative differential cytologic diagnostics of invasive ductal breast cancer and invasive lobular breast cancer» FS No. 2008/087 AA Series No. 0001486 dated 28/05/2008.
  6. «Laparoscopic nephrectomy» FS No. 2008/091 AA Series No. 0001494 dated 05/06/2008.
  7. «Immunocytochemical research of cytologic preparations with the use of a liquid cytology metho» FS No. 2008/082 AA Series No. 0001482 dated 20/05/2008.
  8. «The Intramedullar osteosynthesis in cases of metastatic damage of the lengthiest bones» FS No. 2008/158 AA Series No. 0001571 dated 31/07/2008
  9. «Use of the tumour associated markers for diagnostics and control of therapy effectiveness among patients with advanced ovarian cancer» FS No. 2008/215 Series No. AA 0001692 dated 21/10/2008.
  10. «Use of UBC marker in diagnosis of bladder cancer and patients monitoring» FS No. 2008/216 AA Series No. 0001690 dated 21/10/2008.
  11. «The cancer diagnosis specification with the use of immunohistochemical markers» FS No. 2008/223 AA Series No. 0001695 dated 22/10/2008.
  12. «Immunohistochemistry and hybridization in situ methods in oncomorphology» FS No. 2008/244 AA Series No. 0001657 dated 13/11/2008.
  13. «Osteolasty and vertebroplasty among patients with tumorous bones damage» FS No. 2008/282 AA Series No. 0001706 dated 25/12/2008.
  14. «A laparoscopic ovaries transposition in the combined treatment of patients with uterine cervix cancer» FS No. 2008/283 AA Series No. 0001715 dated 25/12/2008.

2007 г.

  1. «An ultrasonic and angiometric examination of vessels of the external carotid system among oncology patients who are in need of microsurgical surgery» FS-2007/076-U dated 27/04/2007 till 27/04/2017.
  2. «A single-step myoplasty of radical mastectomy cases for postoperative complications prophylaxis» FS-2007/077 dated 27/04/2007 till 27/04/2017.
  3. «Photodynamic therapy of patients with early central lung cancer» FS-2007/078-U dated 27/04/2007 till 27/04/2017
  4. «A radical perineal access prostatectomy with application of a videoassistention in localized prostate cancer cases» FS-2007/151-U dated 31/07/2007 till 31/07/2017.
  5. «Method of orthotopical bladder formation» FS-2007/150 dated 31/07/2007 till 31/07/2017.
  6. «Cytologic diagnosis of kidney tumors with the use of a morphometric and immunocytochemical research» FS-2007/149 dated 31/07/2007 till 31/07/2017.
  7. «Method of a breast cancer radical hypodermic mastectomy» FS-2007/148 dated 31/07/2007 till 31/07/2017.
  8. «An operational laparoscopy among patients with malignant ovaries tumors after non-radical surgical intervention» FS-2007/222 dated 26/10/2007 till 26/10/2017.
  9. «Laprot preparation in therapy of pyoinflammatory postoperative complications» FS-2007/249 AA Series No. 0001211 dated 29/12/2007.
  10. «Endoscopic treatment of patients with early gullet cancer» FS No. 2006/261 AA Series No. 0001213 dated 29/12/2007.

2006 г.

  1. «Anesthesiology and an intensive care in oncology operations with intraoperative beam and hypoxique beam therapy» FS-2006/049-U dated 11/04/2006 till 11/02/2014.
  2. «Nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy in cases of local and locally-spread prostate cancer» FS-2006/072-U dated 05/05/2006 till 05/05/2016.
  3. «Option of the combined treatment of invasive bladder cancer with the use of non-adjuvant chemotherapy» FS-2006/070-U dated 05.05.2006 till 05/05/2016.
  4. «A prosthetic repair method for voice function restitution after larynx amputation due to cancer» FS-2006/071 dated 05.05.2006 to 05/05/2016
  5. «Method of uric tank formation among patients after cystectomy» FS-2006/122 06/06/2006 till 06/06/2016.
  6. «Complex radiodiagnosis of stomach cancer area» FS-2006/123-U 06/06/2006 till 06/06/2016
  7. «Surgical tactics in treating patients with metastatic lung tumors» FS-2006/127-U dated 14/06/2006 till 14/06/2016
  8. «Method of reconstruction of oropharyngeal zone with colic and omental autograft of oncology patients» FS-2006/128 dated 14.06.2006 till 14/06/2016.
  9. «Beam therapy in the combined and сomplex beam treatment of vulva cancer patients» FS-2006/129 dated 16/06/2006 till 16/06/2016
  10. «A method of vesicourethral anastomosis formation in retropubic radical prostatectomy cases» FS-2006/131 16/06/2006 till 16/06/2016.
  11. «Detoxicating methods in improvement of life quality among patients with advanced malignant neoplasms cases» FS-2006/132-U dated 16/06/2006 till 16/06/2016.
  12. «The combined endoscopic treatment of patients with the gullet stenosing cancer and stomach cancer» FS-2006/167-U dated 07/08/2006 till 07/08/2016.
  13. «Cytomorphometric dysplasia diagnostics in benign tumors and dishormonal and hyperplastic processes in a mammary gland» FS-2006/168 dated 07/08/2006 till 07/01/2008.
  14. «Three-dimensional visualization in endosonography research of gullet and stomach» FS-2006/275-U dated 14/09/2006 till 14/09/2016.
  15. «Techniques of intravenous general anesthesia with unassisted breathing of a patient in non-cavitary operations» FS-2006/276-U dated 14/09/2006 till 14/09/2016
  16. «Preoperative differential cytologic diagnosis of an invasive ductal and invasive lobular breast cancer» FS-2006/277 dated 14/09/2006 till 14/09/2016.
  17. «Dtermination of sentinel lymph nodes among patients with prostate cancer» FS-2006/350-U 11/12/2006 till 11/12/2016.

2005 г.

Primary filing:

  1. «Surgical rehabilitation of patients with locally-spread laryngopharynx cancer» FS-2005/039 dated 21/07/2005 till 21/07/2013.
  2. «Radical prostatectomy with dorsal venous complex processing in prostate cancer» FS-2005/046 dated 22/07/2005 till 22/07/2015.
  3. «An ablation in precancer and initial endometrial cancer treatment» FS-2005/045 dated 22/07/2005 till 22/07/2015.
  4. «Photodynamic therapy in cases of primary metastatic malignant pleura damage» FS-2005/048 dated 22/07/2005 till 22/07/2015.
  5. «АAn anesthesiology grant and an intensive care at operations with a microsurgical autoplasty in oncology» FS-2005/047U dated 22/07/2005 till 22/07/2015.
  6. «Reconstruction of facial skeleton fragments and soft facial tissues in malignant neoplasms cases» FS-2005/059 dated 04/10/2005 till 04/10/2015.
  7. «Use of hypoxia in intraoperative beam therapy» FS-2005/061 dated 06/10/2005 till 06/10/2015
  8. «Chemotherapy in treatment of advanced bladder cancer» FS-2005/072 dated 06/10/2005 till 06/10/2015.
  9. «Method of prolonged photodynamic therapy of patients with malignant skin neoplasms» ФС-2005/072 от 06.10.2005 г. до 06.10.2015 г.
  10. «Mammary gland reconstruction in an organ-preserving operation on the occasion of cancer» FS-2005/073 dated 06/10/2005 till 06/10/2015.
  11. «Ultrasonographic assessment of state of the transpositioned ovaries after treatment of invasive forms of cancer of uterus neck» FS-2005/080-U dated 26/10/2005 till 26/10/2015.
  12. «The combined operations in case of gullet and forestomach cancer» FS-2005/099 dated 30/11/2005 till 30/11/2015.


  1. «Method of uric tank formation among patients after cystectomy» RH-288102 dated 08/11/2005.
  2. «Complex radio-diagnostics of stomach cancer abundance» RH-28101 dated 08/11/2005.
  3. «Detoxication methods in of life quality improvement among patients with advanced forms of malignant neoplasms» RH-28099 dated 08/11/2005.