FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of Health
of the Russian Federation


Address of the main freelance specialist - Oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Kaprin in connection with the CORONAVIRUS pandemic

Dear patients, colleagues, employees!

For more than 120 years, the main goal of the oncological community of Russia, formulated by the founders of Russian oncology, is primarily to treat and care for our patients and, of course, to ensure the progressive development of oncological science. That is why today, as before, we are guided by these enduring values.

The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. Taking into account the fact that this virus is spreading all over the planet with lightning speed, we appeal to all citizens affected by it.

We deeply sympathize with everyone affected by this disaster, and we respect the doctors, local communities and governments that are involved in the direct fight against the spread of coronavirus. We are monitoring the situation around COVID-19 around the clock, taking the necessary measures to ensure safety in all healthcare institutions, and especially in the National Medical Center for Radiology entrusted to me by the Russian Ministry of Health.

I assure you, dear patients, that your safety, the safety of relatives and guests of our clinics accompanying you is our top priority. I thank you in advance for the trust in our Center that you express when planning treatment in our branches. This is what we do to ensure safety.


Whatever branch of our Center you apply to, you can be completely sure: we will do our best to conduct your treatment and diagnosis properly. We are closely following the latest news from the Unified Information Monitoring Center, opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reporting on COVID-19, and we follow all the instructions of the Government RF and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. We adhere to these recommendations and apply appropriate safety and health measures,


Over the past few weeks, we have strictly complied with the orders of the chief sanitary doctor in the city of Moscow dated March 12, 2020. In these difficult times, preventive anti-epidemic restrictive measures are introduced. We adjust the rules for visiting our hospitals, taking care exclusively of the health and safety of our patients. Thus, visits to the relatives of patients who are in a round-the-clock stationary mode are terminated until further notice.

We hope for your understanding of the need for us to limit the admission of accompanying patients, with the exception of patients with limited mobility in the hospitals of all branches that are part of the Federal State Budget Scientific Research Center for Radiology of the Russian Ministry of Health: P.A. Herzen, MRRC named after A.F. Tsyba, Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology named after N.A. Lopatkina.


We are aware that the spread of the COVID-19 virus obliges everyone to be more attentive in everyday life. All hospitals and clinics of the Center daily follow the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Russia to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. The measures taken by the Center to maintain safety and protect health are directed against a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19. These measures include washing hands and the availability of detergents with certain characteristics, maintaining cleanliness in the wards of hospitals and public areas of the Center and its branches. A detailed list of measures taken is given on the websites of the Center and its branches. www.nmicr.ru

We are aware of what a turbulent time has come, and we want you to be sure, both now and in the future: for our Center, the main goal will always be the safety, health and well-being of our patients.

We are always waiting for you, our hearts and doors are open for you.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Chief Freelance Oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia Andrei Kaprin

Precautions and precautions against CORONAVIRUS COVID -19