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Национальный центр по лечению больных канцероматозом

Modern methods for the treatment of canceromatosis

Modern methods for the treatment of canceromatosis

P.HERTSEN MOSCOW ONCOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (MORI) has unique capabilities in the treatment of patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis being equipped with the whole range of up-to-date methods of therapy and surgery

Modern methods for the treatment of canceromatosis




All about carcinomatosis

What is carcinomatosis?

Carcinomatosis is one of the severe variants of progression of a number of cancer diseases. Carcinomatosis is a form of metastasis in which tumor cells spread along the inner lining of the anatomical cavity (abdominal or pleural) and form small nodules on it, the so called disseminations. Its emergence in most cases means stage IV disease and is associated with an unfavorable prognosis for the patient. Treatment of patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis is one of the most complicated tasks in oncology. Most often it develops along with malignant neoplasms of digestive tract, respiratory system and female reproductive organs.

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Methods of treatment of patients with carcinomatosis

For a long time abdominal and pleural carcinomatosis was considered a non-curable terminal stage of a disease. Development of methods of direct impact on abdominal and pleural membrane made it possible to improve prognosis in such state. P.Hertsen MORI is uniquely positioned to treat patients with carcinomatosis having in its arsenal the whole range of latest therapy methods.

Hyperthermic perioperative intraabdominal (intrapleural) chemotherapy (HITEC)
During the surgery a highly concentrated solution of chemotherapeutic preparation heated to 42.5 C0 is injected into abdominal or pleural cavity, which ensures that they directly affect cancer cells in abdominal (pleural cavity) with minimal impact on other organs. The session is performed during an hour, which allows you to destroy tumor cells left after the so called debulking operation.
Intraabdominal (intrapleural) aerosol pressurized chemotherapy (PIPAC)
This is the latest innovative technique of treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis, that provides the delivery of medication directly to tumor cells, located on the inner lining of the anatomical cavity. The technique has recently appeared in Russia. The procedure is carried out by laparascopy (thoracoscopy). An aerosol of chemotherapy drugs is sprayed into the abdominal or pleural cavity under pressure of carbon dioxide and left for 30 minutes. With this method of administration of chemotherapy drugs, their effect on the tumor increases manyfold in complete absence of systemic toxicity. Know-how of P.Hertsen MORI in this method of treatment was the development of its own special nozzle, which forms the stream of the fine aerosol with a droplet size of 1 to 40 microns. The device is made of speсific materials and is not inferior in quality to foreign counterparts and surpasses it in a number of technical characteristics.
Методы лечения канцероматоза

The method of applying pressurized aerosol chemotherapy (PIPAC) was first tested in Germany and the P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute – a branch of NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia as early as in 2013 became the second center in the world to start studying and implementing of this technique. The large-scale scientific and practical work performed over the past 6 years has enabled the Institute to take the leading positions in this field and be the first in the world to prove the advisability of using the aerosol chemotherapy as one of the main techniques of treatment in patients suffering from peritoneal carcinomatosis..

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Head of the National Center for the Treatment of Patients with Carcinomatosis Ph.D. surgeon-oncologist V.M. Khomyakov

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To solve the issue of treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis the patient has to address the Call center and get a referral to the outpatient clinic for consultation with a doctor. Perhaps examination or follow-up examination will be appointed after which there will be held a case consultation with participation of surgeons, oncologists and chemotherapists, at which the method of antitumor treatment will be selected. It is necessary to remember that combined treatment for malignant neoplasms is carried out per VMP (High Tech Medical Care) coupons and is financed from State budget. You can receive the VMP coupon straight in the outpatient clinic of the P. Hertsen MORI.
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