National Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation


FSBI of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, NMRRC's branches provide highly qualified medical care to cancer patients worldwide for more than 120 years

P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute (MORI) of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

МНИОИ им. П.А. Герцена

P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute – branch of NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia was the first scientific institute in Europe specialized in oncology that provided medical care and the first oncological hospital in Russia. The Institute provides traditional and modern treatment, including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, combined treatments to patients with tumors of various localization; develops new methods of diagnosis and treatment programs. Our goal is to cure or considerably prolong the life of patients and to ensure best possible quality of life after treatment. Annually, P.Hertsen MORI performs more than 7000 high-tech cancer treatments and more than 5000 surgical treatments. P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute is a reference centre in surgical oncology for medical organizations in Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Surgeons of the P.Hertsen MORI have been successfully using minimally invasive techniques in gynecologic oncology and oncourology, video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy/segmentectomy, gastrectomy, resection of liver and mediastinal tumors. In the breast cancer department, plastic surgeons perform immediate breast reconstruction during the same procedure as oncologic resection.

A.Tsyb Medical Radiology Research Centre (MRRC) of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

МРНЦ им. А.Ф. Цыба

A.Tsyba Medical Radiological Research Centre – branch of NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia – was established in 1962. It is the leading center in Russia in diagnostic radiology, radionuclide therapy, cell and molecular radiobiology in the treatment of cancer, palliative medicine and the development of new radiopharmaceuticals. The Center specializes in surgical, chemoradiotherapy and combined treatment of patients with tumors of various localization; develops and applies new methods of diagnosis and therapy that improve prognosis and quality of life after treatment. Annually, A.Tsyba MRRC provides high-tech treatments to more than 16000 patients. The Centre specializes in the following areas: proton therapy, brachytherapy, radio and chemoembolization, radionuclide therapy. The Centre is a world leader in the treatment of cancer using radiopharmaceuticals. One of the varieties of radionuclide therapy is radioiodine therapy to which there is often no alternative method for patients suffering from papillary and follicular thyroid cancer. In its clinical practice the Centre uses adoptive immunotherapy using NK cells and other cytotoxic lymphocytes. Application of adoptive immunotherapy improves the standard chemotherapy outcomes, reduces the number of postoperative complications and the number of infectious complications, improves prognosis and the quality of life of a cancer patient. This therapy is offered to otherwise non-responsive patients and can be performed at any stage of treatment.

N.Lopatkin Scientific Research Institute of Urology & Interventional Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

НИИ урологии и интервенционной радиологии им. Н.А. Лопаткина

N. Lopatkin Scientific Research Institute of Urology and Interventional Radiology, established in 1979, is a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution NMRRC (National Medical Research Radiological Centre) subordinate to the Russian Federation Ministry of Health. The N. Lopatkin Institute is the main Federal research institution for urology and andrology in the Russian Federation. Specialists of the Institute perform urological, oncourological, endourological and neurological surgical operations of a wide range. The Institute provides medical care in the field of pediatric urology and kidney transplantation. More than 4,000 urological diseases patients undergo surgical treatment at the Institute every year, of which 70 percent are performed by using minimally invasive, namely endo - and laparoscopic technologies. Complex treatment of severe cases of urolithiasis (ICD) in adults and children is performed, using all types of surgical operations, including: open, percutaneous, retrograde intrarenal interventions and remote lithotripsy. The metabolic disorders diagnostics and correction methods have been developed to prevent relapses of ICD, taking into account genetic, alimentary and metabolic risk factors. A wide range of reconstructive plastic interventions on the urinary tract is performed for both adults and children, including all types of urine derivation, operations for urinary incontinence, urinary fistulas, ureteral and urethral strictures, including the use of vascularized flaps, cheek mucosa and microsurgical techniques. Important component of the N. Lopatkin Scientific Research Institute of Urology’s clinical activity is Andrology. The Institute specializes in the treatment of andrological diseases, performs diagnostics, conservative and operative treatment of diseases of the prostate and scrotum, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, correction of metabolic syndrome and androgen deficiency. Genetic diagnostics of hereditary syndromes in male infertility is performing. Using microsurgical techniques, sperm sampling is performed for additional reproductive technologies.

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The ADVISE for medical tourists on how to get treatment in the Federal state budgetary institution NMRRC of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation

First step for medical tourist

Foreign patients with no Russian Health Insurance, having the desire to be treated in the NMRRC, are kindly advised to send their request for treatment to Patients relations department: contact@nmicr.ru Please note, the patient's personal medical documentation (Russian language translation is preferable) are highly appreciated, to speed up the process of making a preliminary decision about the further tactics of examination and treatment. The request processing period is no more than 3 days. Please, call the Patients relations department by phone number: +7 (495) 945-83-85, working days, 00.00 to 00.00, Moscow time. Upon the results of the request consideration, a preliminary treatment plan will be drawn up and the cost of treatment will be calculated.

The second step for medical tourist

The treatment coast for the patient is determined in accordance with the price policy at the NMRRC at the moment of conclusion of the contract with the patient. Medical care is provided after the 100% prepayment. Upon the extra requests of the patient, the Institute provides additional services. Namely:
• Specialized medical vehicle transfer from/to Moscow Airports transfer.
• Individual support of the patient from the moment of application to the end of treatment.
• Patient's medical documentation Russian language translations.
You can find the legal regulations that define the specifics of providing medical care in Russia to foreigners by the link below.

Advanced technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, implementing in NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

Medical tourist’s route +7 (495) 945-83-85


for foreign citizens, entering the Russian Federation for medical treatment.

The Coast of Treatment in P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute (MORI), branch of NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation

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