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The 3rd International Oncology and Radiology Forum Results.

The 3rd International Oncology and Radiology Forum took place in Moscow, 21 - 25 September 2020.  Let us sum up the five days Forum results.

The program of the 3rd Forum was more diverse than it was before.  650 speakers from near and far abroad countries were invited to participate in the forum, namely from Austria, Israel, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, England, Serbia, the Netherlands, Finland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and many others.  In total, 21 countries took part in the forum, 776 speakers made presentations.  The number of participants exceeded a record of 7,000 people.  The Forum was highly estimated by the leader of our country Vladimir V.Putin, by the Minister of Health of Russian Federation M.A.Murashko, as well as the entire professional community.

The RF President Vladimir V. Putin stressed the special significance of this event,

welcoming the forum participants, President  highlighted that the oncological service “is doing well under new pressures, keeping work with dignity, retains its effectiveness”.

Within the framework of the Forum, more than 30 thematic congresses and symposium were held, including the First All-Russian Onco-Urological School, the ESTRO School, the 2nd Congress “Present and Perspectives of Russian Hematology Oncology”, Day of the Young Oncologist, ENDOONCO Congress, Cancer Register School.  Workshops on surgery and endoscopy were held, which included 14 surgical operations.  The plenum of the Board of the Association of Oncologists of Russia, as well as the Anniversary Session of the Association of Directors of the Institutes of Oncology and Radiology of the CIS and Eurasia, and much more events took place.

The forum was held online.  Forum participants had the opportunity to access all the materials of the scientific program around 24 hours.  The participants especially emphasized the informative content and relevance of the Forum materials.  As part of the event, reports were presented not only on the practical achievements of Russian and foreign colleagues, but also on innovative solutions in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.  For example, the use of artificial intelligence in mammology, which increases the quality of diagnosis and management of the organization of screening bringing it to a new effective level.

The program developed on the basis of neural networks for breast cancer screening itself develops an algorithm for choosing the zone of interest, focuses the doctor's attention on the area of ​​pathology.  This not only speeds up the research process, but also clarifies the diagnosis itself.

Another new direction in diagnostics is radiogenomics - an interdisciplinary direction that combines the capabilities of digital X-ray radiology and systems biology technologies.  Radiogenomics uses a complex of medical imaging features and makes it possible to determine the molecular subtype of breast cancer at the diagnostic stage with an accuracy of up to 70 percent.

During the congresses of molecular diagnostics, immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy, the perspectives of immunotherapy in cancer treatment were discussed.

According to Russian scientist’s opinion, the use of molecular diagnostics already makes it possible to radically improve the situation for patients who are practically hopeless from the point of view of classical oncology.

Through immunotherapy, including a fairly simple and, most importantly, safe for health, adoptive immunotherapy, doctors have learned to control a tumor using the patient's immune system.  This method can be called cancer editing by the immunity.

In the near future, specialists will be able to apply the method of immunoprophylaxis to prevent cancer, using immuno-biological markers and influencing all parts of the immune system, including humoral immunity.  The opportunities for this exist already, experts say.

During the 2nd Congress "Present and Perspectives of Russian Hematology Oncology", experts spoke about the high importance of diagnostic aspects, the need to centralize research and the need to create a single reference center in the field of immunological diagnostics of tumors of the lymphoid and hematopoietic systems of patients.

During the Congress, the issues of stem cell transplantation, as the most important option for the treatment of hematological cancer patients, and the need for a single register of bone marrow donors were discussed.

Following the Forum, a resolution will be prepared, including the main questions and proposals of the professional community.  The Organizing Committee of the Forum would like to thank the speakers and listeners, organizers and partners for their active participation in the work of the 3rd International Forum of Oncology and Radiology.  We will be glad to see you next time!


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