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Oncologic service of Kursk region received a visit of the chief external oncologist of the ministry of health

On October 9th, 2020, a NMRRC delegation, headed by a Cheif external oncologist of the Misistry of Health of Russian Federation, General Director, Academician of RAS prof. Anrey Kaprin, Deputy Director on surgery Prof. Andrey Ryabov and the Head of Urology Department, P.Hertsen MORI, Dr.Nikolay Vorobyov arrived to Kursk with a working visit.

The Governor of Kursk Oblast Mr.Roman Starovoit, who pays fixed attentionm to the development of oncologic service in the region had a meeting with Academician Kaprin.  In the course of the conversation, he recalled that at the end of 2019  Kursk regional oncologic health center started  to operate in full force. At that time the 3rd increment of the health center was put into service, what permitted the Governor to express a hope that  with up-to-date oncologic infrastucture Kursk Oblast can receive the full range of treatment and rehabilitation equipment for cancer patients, from diagnosis up to a follow-up.

In his turn Acad.Kaprin highly appreciated capabilities of Kursk oncologic health center. «It can be transformed into a research institute. You are moving in a right direction. But there is a problem, the same for the whole world – staffing. You have created an excellent team, but it must be strenghtened by proffecional scientific workers», Acad.Kaprin mentioned. In his telling special measures should be worked out to support the invited specialists. The development of the infrastructure  for the medical staff, including housing, requires much attention.

Another question pertained to the development of medical tourism, which will allow to attract cancer patients from other cities and countries. Also the participants of the meeting agreed upon Kursk oncologic health center specialists, undergoing advanced training in NMRRC. Acad. Kaprin stressed that he saw a development of further potential of the Center in treatment of patients with borderline diseases. In particular, he spoke about new dialysis, beds and a unit of high dose chemotherapy with bone marrow transplantation.

In Kursk Oblast Oncologic health center itself, the NMRCC specialists, leaded by Acad.Kaprin, participated in a morning intraregional staffing conference as well as in master-classes in surgery. Acad. Kaprin performed cystprostatevesiculectomy with Struder reconstruction. Dr.Vorobyov demonstrated laparoscopic resection of kidney, whereas Prof. Ryabov – two videothoracoscopic resections of the lung with mediastenal lymphadenoectomy.

«Such master-classes provide useful experience for our specialists. When we watch the operation being performed by leading specialists of NMRRC, which is a talent and techniques factory», said Dr.Uglesha Stanoevich,  Medical Director of Kursk Oncologic Health Center.

At the end of the working visit Acad. Kaprin, answering the journalists' questions placed particular emphasis on the fact that Kursk Oblast has all conditions for providing highly qualified medical care. «Our task, that of the specialists of national reference center, is not only to share experience and to show what our doctors can do, but also to estimate a real condition of oncologic service in the region. Our goal is to develop oncologic service in the country and in Kursk region, in particular. Such educational «landing operations» help our colleagues to adopt experience in practice and perfect technology of their work» - Academician Kaprin concluded.

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