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For the benefit of life and the new victories over cancer: the Fourth International Forum of Oncology and Radiotherapy “For Life” was held in Moscow.

The large-scale five-day Forum was held with the support of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, as well as the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Association of Oncologists of Russia. The event was timed to the 150th anniversary of the founder of the Russian Oncology School - Pyotr A. Herzen.

The hybrid format of the meeting made possible the participants to perform at the forum both in person and remotely. Therefore while no less than then 2,000 participants were accommodated on site of the WTC Congress Center, another 5,000 participants joined the forum online.

Within the schedule of the five-day Forum, the Business Breakfast of AOR, 3 schools, 17 congresses, 54 sections (including 12 symposiums) were hosted. As well as the 5th International Readings in memory of Academician A.F. Tsyba and a mini-football tournament among medical and pharmaceutical teams for the Cup of NMIC Radiology "For the Sake of Life-2021" successfully took place.

The Forum presented the excellent venue for the discussion, uniting the large number of specialists and volunteers, all those who make their efforts in cancer fighting, who efficiently serve the cancer patients life prolongation and the life quality improvement.

Nuclear physicists, chemists, geneticists, mathematicians along together with medical practitioners and the health care managers discussed the new approaches in understanding the nature of oncological diseases, innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms.

The Forum participants were greeted by RF President Vladimir Putin, he said:

-       I am sure within todays meeting you will find decisions for the specific proposals and initiatives, the implementation of which will help achieve your goals.

Wishes for the success to Forum were sent by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeev, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko and heads of health authorities of many CIS countries.

The medical community highly appreciated the experience of Russian oncologists, who kept acting under the pandemic warning, those doctors who did not reduce the volume of oncological treatment, but mastered new unique technologies.

Dr.A.Kaprin, Director General of the National Medical Research Radiology Centre of the Ministry of Health of Russia, President of the Association of Oncologists of Russia, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, emphasized:
“Despite all the inconveniences and restrictions, the profiled oncological institutions in Russia managed to continue working normally, demonstrating the viability of the Russian oncological service. Our experience is recognized by the heads of European cancer centers”.

The program of the forum was distinguished by not only scientific novelty, but at the same time had a clearly shaped practical component.

The Scientific Readings in Memory of Anatoly F.Tsyba, traditionally hold in Obninsk, have gathered leading specialists who are engaged in the promotion of the latest technologies in the field of radiosurgery.

A lot of attention was paid to the so called "live surgery". Surgical operations in various clinical centers and cancer clinics in Russia were broadcast live. There were also simultaneous broadcasts from Japan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

The chief freelance oncologist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dilara Haidarova drew attention to the professional training and educational function of the forum.

The Forum's value was also appreciated in the patient community. The of the NGO organization of cancer patients "Be healthy" President Irina Borovova has stressed: "At this Forum we have the opportunity to collaborate closely with the best doctors of the country. If the doctor and the patient are on the same side of the barricades, the treatment process will achieve its goal."

As a part of the opening of the Forum the award ceremony was held . The best of the best - doctors, heads of national medical centers, representatives of scientific institutions, health care organizers, rectors of medical universities in Russia and CIS countries - were awarded the medals of Peter A. Herzen and Nikolai N. Trapeznikov.

The Fourth International Forum of Oncology and Radiology "For Life" clearly demonstrated the impressive success of modern oncology practice in Russia, with the continuation of the best traditions of national oncology school.

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