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In Ufa, screening for the early exclusion of colorectal cancer is being carried out at the enterprises of the Technodinamika holding with the participation of the National Medical Research Center of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia

On July 6, 2020, the Technodinamika Holding of the State Corporation Russian Technologies (Rostec) has begun to implement a pilot screening for colorectal cancer. Within the framework of the program “For a Healthy Life” and the All-Russian project “Oncopatrul”, oncologists of the National Medical Research Center of Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia conduct a series of educational lectures at the Bashkir enterprises of the holding - the Ufa Aggregate Production Association and the Scientific and Production Enterprise “Molniya”.

The first stage includes an information and educational seminar aimed at familiarizing employees of enterprises with the main stages of screening for oncological diseases and, in particular, colorectal cancer, in accordance with the norms of the Ministry of Health of Russia on age-specific examination of citizens of the Russian Federation.

Employees of the two enterprises, taking into account the observance of all norms of distance from each other in the context of prevention of the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the Republic of Bashkortostan, listened with great interest to lectures on colorectal cancer for 5 days. Specialists of the P.A. Herzen - a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Medical Research Center of Radiology" of the Ministry of Health of Russia: abdominal surgeon-oncologist R.I. Moshurov, Researcher in Laboratory Diagnostics of Oncological Diseases, Ph.D. N.V. Marshutina, Head of the Endoscopy Department, Ph.D. A.S. Vodoleev and coordinator of the All-Russian project "Oncopatrul" O.A. Stroynov presented to the workers detailed reports on the methods of diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer. It was clearly shown how a malignant neoplasm grows in the human body and then spreads when the disease is neglected,

In addition to lectures, at the first stage of screening, more than 2,600 employees of enterprises over the age of 40 will have to pass an immunochemical test to study the contents of the intestine for occult blood.

Further, participants in the screening program with positive test results will be sent to the Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary of the Republic of Bashkortostan for video endoscopic colonoscopy under general anesthesia using high-tech equipment. It is colonoscopy that will identify and immediately remove polyps that are precursors of colorectal cancer, as well as identify other pathologies in the colon.

“We pay close attention to the development of the health care system of our employees, in particular, we strive for a personalized approach to medical examination. Within the framework of a joint project with P.A. Herzen - a branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution NMITs Radiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia, each employee will receive summary information about his health status, about the presence of risks of developing a particular disease, - said the General Director of the Tekhnodinamika holding, curator of the Ulyanovsk and Penza regional branches of the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia, member of the Bureau League for Assistance to Defense Enterprises Igor Nasenkov. - If this project is successful, given the increasing importance of early diagnosis of oncological diseases, it can be organized at other enterprises of the Tekhnodinamika holding.

The results of the pilot screening for colorectal cancer at Bashkir enterprises will be analyzed by specialists from the Moscow Research Institute of the Orthopedics. P.A. Herzen and are presented at thematic events and forums organized by the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, the Ministry of Health of Russia, and are also used as the basis for changes in the organization of medical care and clinical examination of the adult population.


The Technodinamika holding specializes in the development, production and after-sales service of aircraft systems and assemblies. In addition, the holding produces parts and assemblies for such industries as oil and gas, automotive, transport, and energy. Technodinamika includes 35 enterprises located throughout the country - in Moscow, the Moscow region, Ufa, Samara, Yekaterinburg, the Arkhangelsk region and other regions of Russia. The holding is part of the Rostec State Corporation.

State Corporation Rostec is one of the largest industrial companies in Russia. It unites more than 800 scientific and industrial organizations in 60 regions of the country. Key areas of activity are aircraft construction, radio electronics, medical technologies, innovative materials, etc. The corporation's portfolio includes such well-known brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, UAC, Russian Helicopters, UEC, Uralvagonzavod, Shvabe, Concern Kalashnikov and others. Rostec actively participates in the implementation of all 12 national projects. The company is a key supplier of Smart City technologies, is engaged in the digitalization of government, industry, social sectors, and is developing plans for the development of 5G wireless communication technologies, the industrial Internet of things, big data and blockchain systems. Rostec is a partner of the world's leading manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli, Renault, etc. The corporation's products are supplied to more than 100 countries. Almost a third of the company's revenue comes from the export of high-tech products.


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