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Retroperitoneal liposarcoma successfully removed at P. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute

A complex surgery to remove a huge tumor with simultaneous autologous transplantation of kidneys was performed in the Thoracoabdominal Oncosurgery Department of P.Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute the branch NMRRC. Surgical intervention was carried out by a multidisciplinary team under the leadership of Prof A. Kaprin, NMRRC General Director.

A 47-year-old worker of a rural post-office from the Orel Region suspected something wrong herself. In the summer of 2020, she felt a lump in her abdomen and went to a local surgeon. He urgently forwarded her to the regional oncology center, where the patient underwent an abdominal CT scan. The study showed the presence of a mass lesion reaching the size of 225x148x191mm. However, the biopsy did not establish the exact nature of the mass, and the Oryol Region specialists forwarded the patient for further examination and treatment to P. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute. Here, according to the results of a clarifying diagnosis, the patient was precisely diagnosed with liposarcoma - a malignant tumor of the retroperitoneal space.

Because of its huge size the tumor not only interfered with the functioning of neighboring organs, but also threatened the patient's life. An interdisciplinary board of experts made a decision to perform a surgical operation. The doctors were not just to remove a voluminous multi-node mass that extended from the diaphragm to the aortic bifurcation, at the level of 4 thoracic to 4 lumbar vertebrae, and pushing the spleen aside. In addition, the left renal pedicle (artery, vein, ureter) was involved in the tumor process with the displacement of the left kidney. The doctors had to perform several complex surgical procedures, including the removal of the tumor itself, the left adrenal gland and the left kidney. Then it was necessary to clean the kidney from the tumor masses, and transplant it back into the patient's body. In addition, the surgeons had to form a suspended enterostome for postoperative feeding of the patient bypassing the stomach, so as not to provoke postoperative complications associated with injury to the pancreas. In total, the operation lasted 9 hours and was successful.

In the operation took part the Prof. A. Kaprin, NMRRC General Director, Prof. A. Ryabov, M.D., Deputy General Director on Surgery, Dr. S. Arzumanov, M.D., head of Transplantation and Renal Replacement Therapy Department ( N. Lopatkina Research Institute of Urology) Dr. A. Chaika, researcher of Thoracoabdominal Department, D. Kudashkina, an oncologist, a team of anesthesiologists headed by Dr.V. Khoronenko, M.D. the head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy, anesthesiologists E. Sugaipov and K. Usachev; operating nurse T. Sokolova.

Today, the patient feels well and is undergoing rehabilitation therapy. We wish her a speedy rehabilitation, and you, dear readers, health and attentive attitude to your health.

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