Federal State Budgetary Institution
National Medical Research Radiological Center
of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Hospital register

Department of Hospital Register and Analytical Statistics of P. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Center - branch of FSBI NMRRC of the Ministry of Health of Russia

Valentina Dmitrievna Mokina PhD Biol
Head of the Department: Valentina Dmitrievna Mokina, PhD Biol
Leading Researcher: PhD Larisa Alekseevna Babayan.

Department was organized in 1999. The main functions of Hospital Register are implemented in a computer system MEDIS. The system operates in the department LAN and is a distributed software suite, aimed at addressing the information and statistical tasks.

It consists of specialized workstations:
  • Admissions Department;
  • Hospital Medical Statistics;
  • Health services accounting subsystem;
  • Long-term treatment results evaluation module.

The main problems to be solved with the use of automated MEDIS computer system:

  1. Automated registration of incoming patients in the Admission Department of the Institute and the formation of the necessary documents relating to the documentation.
  2. Obtaining operational information on the movement of patients and the use of hospital beds. Evaluating the effectiveness of the use of hospital beds fund (Form F-16).
  3. Entry of statistical cards (F-066/U) to be drawn up by doctors of medical offices at discharge of patients.
  4. Automatic generation of statistical reporting package for operation treatment units for any period.
  5. Automated registration of medical services provided to hospital patients
  6. Operational control of the correctness and consistency of the information supplied to the Admission Department and medical offices, and the adoption of measures for the timely correction of errors.
  7. Calculation of long-term results of treatment. Automated System MEDIS in the future is planned to be included as part of an integrated computer information network of the Institute.